Insurance Reporting

Get Hassle-Free Insurance Reporting Services For Your Faulty Smartphones

Are you a hardcore smartphone user looking for insurance reporting services in Sydney? Then, you have landed on the right page.

We at Hiphone Repairs Sydney are your one-stop mobile repair centre, providing insurance reporting for your damaged or faulty handsets. Using that insurance report, you can get coverage on your specific claims for any repairs, servicing or replacements!

Once you drop your mobile at our store, we will perform a thorough assessment of your smartphone. Depending on its condition, we will dispatch the insurance reports with all the service diagnostics results. After you receive the report from our end, you can produce it to your insurance agency without hesitation to get the deserved assistance on claims for your handset’s repairs and replacements.

What Insurance Reporting Does Hiphone Repairs Sydney Offer?

We offer the most comprehensive insurance reports for our customers regarding devices for a term of 12 months under conditions such as:
  • Screen damage
  • Needs screen replacement
  • Front glass repair
  • Liquid glass screen protector, and more.
We at Hiphone Repairs Sydney are equipped to handle the most challenging scenarios. For instance, if your device is (B.E.R) or Beyond Economic Repair, you can still use our reports to claim a replacement via a reputed insurance service provider. You can rest assured that all insurance will consist of ZERO monthly fees and no additional charges.

Get in Touch With Hiphone Repairs Sydney For Seamless Insurance Reporting

Our insurance reporting service will comprehensively support your insurance claim without any bottlenecks from insurance agencies.

Your phone - Our promise! Contact us today and get your report delivered.