MacBook repair

Fast & Affordable MacBook Repair Across Sydney is Just a Click Away!

Is your MacBook giving you recurring troubles in the middle of urgent work? Tired of dealing with a flickering Mac screen? No need to worry when you have the smart techies of Hiphone Repairs Sydney around! With years of experience under our belt, we can fix any intricate glitch that’s seizing the normal functioning of your device. We are backed by expert technicians who precisely diagnose the errors and offer practical fixes to restore your device to normal working order.
Is it software-related or component replacement causing MacBook screen not working?
An updated MacBook screen consists of an LCD panel, a webcam, and a Wi-Fi antenna, whereas older models have a front glass and an in-built Wi-Fi card. If your display is fine and the webcam isn’t functioning optimally, you may have to replace the entire screen. Similarly, ‘MacBook screens no backlight’ or dim image issues are common, when there is a fault in the logic board backlight circuit.

Reliable MacBook Screen Repair & Replacement All Over Sydney

Although MacBook screens are highly reliable, however, technical glitches are common with any device and Mac is no exception. Most of the time, they won’t go wrong unless been suffered from some physical impacts or liquid damage. You may come across a hairline crack on the screen due to some physical impact or accidentally spill water on it that may hinder the functioning of your MacBook screen. In this situation, you definitely need MacBook screen replacement done by professionals instead of trying DIY repairs. We have the necessary knowledge, skill-set and equipment to quickly diagnose whether the screen or logic board is causing the issues and save you time.

Other display issues such as black screens or blurry images, are harder to diagnose alone, as the screen or video chip on the logic board might be the culprit. If you come across the following symptoms on your Mac, do seek our help without any delay -
  • Flickering screen
  • Grey or black screen error
  • Vertical/horizontal lines on the screen
  • No backlight
When you turn to us, we quickly figure out the culprits behind recurring screen errors and carry out prompt repairs using quality parts. Even if your device has a freezing screen, our wide range of genuine Mac screen slots will get your laptop back to work in no time.

Same-Day MacBook Battery Repair & Replacement

Whether your Mac laptop battery isn’t charging properly or draining fast, our high-quality MacBook battery replacement service in Sydney is for you when your original one fails. Our prices include new installation charges and same-day service. We stock a wide range of new batteries for Mac and offer speedy replacements without making you wait.
Common Symptoms of a Dying MacBook Battery
  • Battery draining fast even after full charge
  • Swollen battery, leading to Touchpad distortion
  • Reduced battery life even after continuous charge
  • Failing to achieve 100% charge
  • Power issues due to outdated battery
  • Bloated batteries
Premium Quality Parts = Uninterrupted Performance
If you own a MacBook that needs immediate battery repairs, you can’t obviously vouch for inferior-quality parts. At Hiphone Repairs Sydney, we stock premium quality OEM parts procured from trusted suppliers and have the required expertise to get the job done right. We are among the few specialists who walk the extra mile to install premium quality parts that can give your device long-lasting performance.
Professional & Cost-Cut MacBook Battery Repairs in Sydney with No Hidden Fees!
Hiphone Repairs Sydney is a name you can turn to for any battery issues you might be facing with Mac. We can repair and replace the bloated battery or charging issues without charging you anything extra other than the service cost. Our technicians are proficient and act wisely to avoid any potential harm to your device.
Ready for a Quick Fix?
For prompt, professional and reasonable MacBook repairs, we are your best bet. Call us for a quick quote, and enjoy working on your Mac with zero hindrance!